How Lolly Advance works

Introductory discounts - up to 90% savings
Redeemable by brands and businesses for marketing services
Use, sell or trade Lolly Advance
Cryptographically secured
Issued for specified marketing services for brands and businesses
Issued for specified markets
Limited supply of introductory pricing tokens before full-price is reached
Limited supply for each issuance round before token price is increased
Lock in redeemable value will increase with time as the standard interaction price is raised
Issuance rounds increase pricing in 10% steps from -90% to full-price
Increasing pricing as introductory pricing is withdrawn
Fixed pricing for each Lolly Advance at any stage
Sell tokens at current price to brands as discounts decrease
Exchangeable for other Lolly Advance tokens
Securely held in your wallet in the Lolly admin system
No need for third-party exchanges - all token sales are through the Lolly Payment System
To sell at the current price, simply mark any Lolly Advance wallet to "for sale"
No need to find buyers, all is fully automatic
All accounting paperwork for transactions issued with Xero
Tokens are cancelled after use

What is Lolly Advance?

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"Lolly Advance allows us to offer discounts as we launch new services and markets. By reducing discounts as we progress and making Lolly Advance tokens tradable, we reward early backers. Money raised by selling Lolly Advance means we are able to fund risk-free terms to brands."

Richard M Holmes CEO and Co-founder

Lolly Advance features to love

Lolly Advance tokens are introductory price tokens issued by Lolly Global Ltd. Token buyers can use tokens to pay a discounted price for services or hold and sell tokens later when the price of tokens or of Services has increased.

Lolly offers marketing services to brands, suppliers, and manufacturers as well as businesses, shops, and e-commerce stores. Lolly’s marketing services are paid for after delivery of the service, and on a per interaction (delivered service) basis.

To introduce new Lolly services to new markets, Lolly sells Lolly Advance tokens. Each token is redeemable at the full-price value for the service and has no expiry date.

Introductory pricing starts at a 90% discount in the first round. Each round has a fixed number of tokens available at the price set. Once the token round is fully sold, the next round is launched with a decreased discount. Discounts decrease from round to round  in 10% increments until the pricing for the service tokens reaches 100%, the full list price.

The full-price value starts at $0.10 (ten United States cents) per interaction. The pricing for interaction is subject to interaction pricing review on a quarterly basis.

The introductory pricing rewards early token holders and encourage early uptake of new services and new markets. Lolly Advance tokens raises funding for Lolly to promote its service in the market, increasing the demand for tokens from brands and businesses.

Pioneering token buyers lock in the low introductory price at the time. Pioneering brands can take advantage of the first mover advantage – making the most of Lolly’s services – at a big discount compared to their less innovative competitors.

Lolly Advance are sold to token buyers looking to benefit from introductory pricing and through the Lolly Advance System. All transactions on Lolly use the Lolly Payment system and Lolly Advance tokens. When a brand or business looks to pay an invoice for services delivered, the Lolly Payment System automatically buys any available Lolly Advance tokens for the services from any sellers on a pro rata basis.

This allows pioneering token buyers to sell tokens they don’t require themselves at the current price point through the Lolly Payment System, benefitting from having discovered the introductory pricing prior to the ultimate user of the tokens.

Lolly Advance allows Lolly to raise funding through pre-selling services, introducing new services, introducing Lolly to new markets, and allocating financial resources for rolling out new services and marketing campaigns across many markets.

How Lolly Advance is bought, used and sold

Lolly Advance tokens are issued for new services in new markets

  • Each Lolly Advance token is issued in limited supply in issuance rounds starting at -90% discount, increasing in 10% steps until full price is reached
  • Usable for one or more defined services
  • Usable in one or more defined markets
  • Lolly Advance tokens are one-time use tokens
  • Lolly Advance tokens are issued prior to the launch of the service in the market

Lolly Advance tokens are bought by brands, businesses and users

  • Lolly Advance tokens are bought on a pro rata basis from all wallets selling the specific tokens

Market Leader Club members are able to purchase Lolly Advance tokens 7 days prior to launch

  • Market Leader Club membership is limited by number of accounts in each market
  • Members are notified of new Lolly Advance tokens and token rounds seven days prior to sales launch
  • Members can buy tokens during this pre-launch phase

Lolly offers Lolly Advance to brands when services are booked

  • Lolly offers brands the ability to buy Lolly Advance tokens for booked services when proforma invoices are issued
  • Any Lolly Advance bought are bought through the Lolly Payment System on a pro rata basis for for-sale wallets

Lolly Advance tokens held by brands applicable to the campaigns are automatically used for payment

Token holders can at any time set tokens to hold or for-sale

Each type of Lolly Advance tokens can be set to be held or for-sale individually

Lolly Payment System automatically buys the lowest priced available Lolly Advance tokens for the services delivered

  • Tokens are bought from all for-sale wallets with applicable Lolly Advance tokens for sale, i.e. from the Lolly Advance issuance wallets and from all users selling Lolly Advance
  • Lolly Advance tokens are bought on a pro rata basis from for-sale wallets

Lolly pays 10% as cashback

  • When an invoice is paid with Lolly Advance through the Lolly Payment System, the sellers receive 10% of the tokens sold back in the same tokens
  • This means 100% is paid in US dollars, with an additional 10% is paid out in cashback

Lolly offers Lolly Advance to brands to lock in the price

  • Lolly offers brands the ability to buy Lolly Advance tokens for the remaining booked services
  • Any Lolly Advance tokens are bought through the Lolly Payment System on a pro rata basis for for-sale wallets

Lolly offers Lolly Advance to brands to lock in the price

  • Lolly credits US dollars to any users who sold Lolly Advance through the Lolly Payment System
  • Lolly automatically self-issues invoices on behalf of users who sold tokens

Lolly pays out US dollars to Lolly Advance sellers

  • User can have their US dollar balance paid out by bank transfer in most major currencies, by PayPal or cryptocurrency payment

Join the exclusive Lolly Market Leaders Club
and gain first buyers access
– membership is strictly limited

Lolly Advance bonus tokens available now – earn more bonus tokens for bigger purchases

Lolly Advance Launch Purchase Bonus tokens are available for token buyers in the current round. Details and terms in the Lolly Advance terms here >>