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Why brands want what we offer

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“lolly! reinvents how relationships between customers and brands work. Mobile. Personal. Location-based. Data-focused.”

Richard M Holmes CEO and Co-founder

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How our business model works for brands

Brands are listed for free on lolly! by users

  • Brands are added by users, points-of-sale or brands themselves
  • Each brand is listed in each market separately
  • Brands can be promoted in each market
  • Employees and agents of brands can request admin access, subject to KYC verification

Customers find brands in search for brand or related search terms (tags)

Both active brands (with registered admin) and inactive brands (without an active admin) are in searches.

The search hierarchy on lolly! is:

(1) Active brands with active campaigns
(2) Active brands
(3) Inactive brands

Results are shown based on the user's relationship to the brand and to the search term (tag), as well as based on location.

Inactive brand profiles show customers links to related active brands

Active brand profiles are only linked to sister or partner brands added by the brand admin

Customers add brands to their favourites, creating a relationship between brand and customer

Authorised employees and agents of the brand owner can request admin access at any time

  • No cost, no credit card verification
  • Admin access is subject to KYC verification and approval by other admins for the brand
  • Admins gain access to real-time data insights for their brands, including market, customer and competitor information
  • Each brand can have multiple admins so that different team members and departments can run separate campaigns concurrently

Admins book campaigns for Lolly services

  • Campaigns are capped at a number of "interactions" - contacts between customers and the brand - set by the admin
  • Admins can extend a campaign by booking more interactions at any time
  • Once the booked amount is reached, the campaign stops
  • Lolly aims to deliver the full booked amount
  • Lolly positions brands with campaigns above other brands

Lolly issues proforma invoices to brands as booking confirmation

  • Proforma invoices confirm the booking and do not need to be paid until campaigns and services have been delivered

Lolly offers Lolly Advance for bookings to brands

  • Lolly offers brands the ability to buy Lolly Advance tokens for booked services when proforma invoices are issued
  • Any Lolly Advance bought are bought through the Lolly Payment System on a pro rata basis for for-sale wallets
  • This is no obligation opportunity to pay in advance with Lolly Advance tokens available for sale

Brands pay for delivered campaigns and services only

  • Services and campaigns are paid for in arrears by brands, after delivery
  • Lolly issues tax invoices to brands every two weeks for the services and campaigns delivered, i.e. if a campaign is for 100,000 customer relationships and only 3,000 are delivered in two weeks, then the invoice for those two weeks is for 3,000 interactions (with 97,000 remaining to be delivered over the next billing periods)
  • Campaigns continue until Lolly has delivered the full booked amount of interactions

Lolly Advance tokens held by brands applicable to the campaigns are automatically used for payment

Lolly Payment System automatically buys the lowest priced available Lolly Advance tokens for the services delivered

  • Tokens are bought from all for-sale wallets with applicable Lolly Advance tokens for sale, i.e. from the Lolly Advance issuance wallets and from all users selling Lolly Advance
  • Lolly Advance tokens are bought on a pro rata basis from for-sale wallets

All tax invoices are paid with Lolly Advance tokens through the Lolly Payment System. Brands are not required to buy Lolly Advance, Lolly buys Lolly Advance tokens to pay for the services delivered.

Lolly pays 10% as cashback

  • When an invoice is paid with Lolly Advance through the Lolly Payment System, the sellers receive 10% of the tokens sold back in the same tokens
  • This means 100% is paid in US dollars, with an additional 10% is paid out in cashback

Brands pay the remaining amount due

  • Brands enjoy a reduction in price on their tax invoice with every buying tokens
  • Brands settle the remaining amount payment via bank transfer, card, or any other form of payment
  • After receipt of payment, Lolly issues a credit note for the discount to brands

Lolly offers Lolly Advance to brands to lock in the price

  • Lolly offers brands the ability to buy Lolly Advance tokens for the remaining booked services
  • Any Lolly Advance bought are bought through the Lolly Payment System on a pro rata basis for for-sale wallets

Lolly offers Lolly Advance to brands to lock in the price

  • Lolly credits US dollars to any users who sold Lolly Advance through the Lolly Payment System
  • Lolly automatically self-issues invoices on behalf of users who sold tokens

Lolly pays out US dollars to Lolly Advance sellers

  • User can have their US dollar balance paid out by bank transfer in most major currencies, by PayPal or cryptocurrency payment

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